December 2, 2022

Mother Of Teen Who Fell From Ride Denies Family Ties To Woman Claiming To Be His Cousin

It’s toughest been a week since the b’rutal fall of a 14-year-old teen at an amusement park in Orlando. As previously stated, Tyre Sampson was visiting ICON Park with a football club when the incident took place. And at the time of his family.

awaits answers from an searching by Florida officials, Tyre’s mom recently had to address asserted by a lady who is portraying herself to the media as his cousin. Apparently, a lady who identified herself as Shay Johnson weaved a story about the day Tyre d’ied.

She asserted to be the teen’s cousin. Shay also asserted he talked to her numerous times earlier to the accident. This lady said, media outlets Tyre said, her ride operators de’clined him from a few other attractions because of his size.

She told, he also detailed her when someone cleared him to ride the ‘Orlando Free Fall.’ But, as per the Orlando Sentinel, Tyre’s mother shut down Shay’s narrative while speaking to Orange County detectives. Michelle Guido,

a spokesperson from the county sheriff’s office confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel that Tyre’s mother “does not familiar” Shay Johnson. Another outlet, WFTV 9 ABC, also authenticate with lawyer representing the teen’s family that “none of the family members familiar Johnson.”

No C’rime, No Time And the lady didn’t just give multiple interviews to the media asserting kinship, she also looked like organized in his name. She’s al’legedly organized news conferences, collected petition signatures and even led a vigil in front of the park ride, according to WFTV 9 ABC.

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