December 2, 2022

New York Mom Loses Baby & Becomes Mother of 10 after Giving Birth to 3rd Pair of Twins in 6 Years

After having twins in two consecutive pregnancies, a New York mom fell pregnant again and learned she was having triplets. Unfortunately, she lost one of the babies during a hospital visit.


37-year-old Kimberly Alarcon lives with her loving husband, John Alarcon, in their Wallkill, New York home. The couple had been living happily with their children and were unaware of fate’s unusual plans.

Kimberly had her first baby at 20. At the time, the couple had no idea they would eventually become parents to ten babies after experiencing a rare set of pregnancies that shocked doctors.

The Happy Family

Kimberly’s motherhood journey was unlike any other. After she and her husband welcomed their first baby girl, Brittney, they didn’t know how many more children they would have.


Four years later, the Alarcons had another baby girl, Sarah, and three years after her birth, they had a baby boy named Hunter. Kimberly revealed she and John had never planned to have more babies after. She said:

“We were done at three singles.”

Having Twins

However, Kimberly fell pregnant again after her third baby, and this time, she conceived twins. She delivered her babies in Valhalla’s Westchester Medical Center, where the staff and doctors recognized her.

Besides the grief of losing her baby, she had to endure many difficulties.

At the time, the Alarcons had no idea that these wouldn’t be the only set of twins they would have. Kimberly never had plans of having so many babies, but when she did, she couldn’t imagine her life otherwise.

Consecutive Twins

Two years after Kimberly and John welcomed their twins, Zachary and Zoey, they had another set of twins, Oliver and Olivia. The Alarcons also agreed to foster their nephew, King.

“It was shocking because, to be honest with you, we never planned,” Kimberly told FOX 5. Her life became even more eventful when she fell pregnant again and learned she had conceived multiples. She revealed:

“We went to the doctor, and it was triplets.”

One Heartbreaking Loss

Kimberly and John were delighted to learn that they were having triplets. The doctor at Westchester Medical Center performed Kimberly’s prenatal scan and said everything seemed fine.

While still at the hospital, Kimberly felt the urge to use the toilet. She went into the hospital’s restroom and John waited for her outside. What happened next was nothing short of a nightmare.

Unfortunately, the mom of eight lost one of her triplets in the bathroom. She was horrified when she came out, but her doctor later explained that losing one baby in such pregnancies was pretty common.

The Devastated Mother

Despite listening to the doctor console her, Kimberly felt heartbroken after losing one of her triplets. Her friends and family tried cheering her up, but the mother was too devastated.

Besides the grief of losing her baby, she had to endure many difficulties, including high blood pressure, oral surgeries, and a foot injury. She said:

“It was stuff happening one after another.”

Another Set of Twins

Kimberly’s “rollercoaster” pregnancy ended when the doctors suggested she go for a C-section, and she agreed. On April 25, 2022, the Alarcons welcomed their twin girls, Kenzy and Kenzley. Kimberly said:

“The twins are awesome. They’re healthy. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

The Shocking Pregnancies

It is common for couples to have twins once, but having three sets in consecutive pregnancies was rare. Kimberly’s doctor at Westchester Medical Center, Angela Silber, said:

“Somebody that has three sets of twins back to back, it’s very uncommon.”

Silber further explained that having multiple twins after undergoing infertility treatments isn’t rare, but Kimberly never took any infertility drugs. She conceived all her babies naturally, which was something Silber hadn’t witnessed in her career of more than two decades.

Advice from the Mother

Kimberly spoke nothing but good about the nurses at Westchester Medical Center. She confessed she felt scared whenever she went to the hospital pregnant, but the nurses always put her at ease.

The mom of ten advised other pregnant mothers never to shy away from asking for help. She said women need to normalize asking for help while pregnant because they can’t do everything independently.

For Kimberly, her family, church friends, and nurses helped her during the most challenging phases of her motherhood journey, and she was grateful to have them in her life.

Full House

Living with ten babies was a different experience for the Alarcon family, but it wasn’t new for Kimberly. She had grown up with nine biological siblings and eight other children that her mother had adopted.

She remembered how messy her mother’s house was, but the children always helped each other. Her experience of living in a big household was enjoyable.

Kimberly also shared that her paternal aunt had two sets of twins and one set of triplets, which might help explain why Kimberly also conceived babies in the same pattern.

Feeling Blessed

All my kids are a blessing, no matter how many

,” Kimberly


. She added that she didn’t have the perfect family, and there are days when the family argues, but she wouldn’t imagine her life any other way. She



“If I have to do it all over again, I would do it the same exact way [sic].”

Kimberly’s motherhood journey is nothing but unique. If you enjoyed reading her story, share it with your friends and family. It might brighten up their day.

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