November 29, 2022

Nick Cannon And Brittany Bell Welcome Rise Messiah Cannon

Officially, Nick Cannon is a father of 10 children. On September 23, 2022, the busiest scrotum in entertainment welcomed his third child with Brittany Bell, a son they called Rise Messiah Cannon. The tenth kid was born,

and Nick stated on social media that it was the hardest labour and delivery he had ever experienced. One more blessing! All I can do is thank God and keep asking the Most High to guide me as my trip on this planet intensifies more amazing and incomprehensible.

He has given me stewardship and control over a family dynamic that some find difficult to comprehend. But more importantly, he has given me devoted friends who will compassionately guide me through this important life.

I owe the matriarch energy so lot and am right now so grateful for it. @missbbell has been the cornerstone and pillar of my journey toward fatherhood. She has imparted invaluable knowledge about parenting, psychology, spirituality, love, and just plain living.

She informed me that she didn’t need or want a baby shower for our third child. All she wanted was for her real loved ones to pray for her! I’m coming to realise that’s the best gift. She proposed the idea of a BlessingWay to me! Our new child’s arrival is the subject of many fervent prayer warriors’ entreaties.

We certainly needed it, too. The most challenging labour and delivery I have ever had. To welcome 10 pounds of love and joy named RISE MESSIAH CANNON, it took 48 hours of intense suffering and potentially fatal peril. Brittany, thank you for being a fellow little Libra. I adore our Incredible Family, including you.

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