December 2, 2022

Nicki Minaj BLASTS Wendy Williams Over Her ‘Demonic’ Comments On Husband Kenneth Petty!

Oh, Nicki is NOT glad!! Wendy Williams is probably already regretting messing with the vocalist!! Nicki Minaj B’LASTED Wendy Williams for her sn’arky comments about spouse Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty‘s cr’iminal history.

Talk show host Wendy Williams crossed the line on her show when she apparently ‘congratulated’ Nicki Minaj on a marriage. Wendy Williams, 55 year old, reminded her viewers that Nicki’s spouse is a ‘sex offender and a killer’.As per details,

Petty is a registered se’x offender in New York and has served 7 years for m’ans’laughter later he s’hot a man in 2002. Nevertheless what Wendy told about Petty was all true, although the way she brought it all up was highly i’nsensitive and Nicki is crazy as hell.

Well, she’s no st’ranger to that ’cause her brother’s in prison for s’ex of’fending,” Wendy snarkily told. “Well, first-charge of m’ansl’aughter. Currently, he served 7 years in jail and he’s also a s’ex o’ffender. So that means that he…is a m’ansl’aughter a k’il’ler? Well! .

So, he’s a k’iller and a s’ex of’fender. So, Nicki, congratulations.” Infact, Wendy was mean towards Nicki via all the segment. She even dissed her decides of starting a family immediately. “Can you wonder a b’ur’geoning belly with these bu’rgeoning hips?” Wendy told “I mean,

the plastic of it all. She’s going to have a huge belly and she’s short and she’s got the br’easts and the hips. And I don’t familiar what he does for a living, I just familiar that he did time in p’rison for—he’s a s’ex of’fender.”

Nicki, 36 year old, could not let this slide so she mentioned William’s comments on Queen Radio and B’LASTED the talk show host.

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