December 2, 2022

Offset Allegedly Busted Leaving Club With 3 Groupies (Cardi Is. Going To Flip!)

It seem Cardi B is going to be on the market soon as her cheating spouse, Migos rapper Offset was caught leaving a known Los Angeles club with a group of lady behind him. The lady who were wearing some very tight fitting outfits didn’t looked like to be bothered.

by all of the photographers, but we familiar one person who was, and he attempt to save face by walking away from them, but it was very late. Bootsy Bellows, an art deco inspired later-hours nightclub is frequented by numerous of Hollywood’s celebrities adding Bow Wow,

T.I., and now Offset. Last night, just a few days later performing at the BET Awards with his wife Cardi B, Offset was seen leaving the hot spot with few not famous lady. Realizing that there were cameras later exiting the building,

he tried to play it off by walking away from the females, but it was absolute that they were with him.
As the story breaks, fa’ke reports has it that the “Clout” rapper is trying to do damage handle before his wife leaves him for good.

It’s not the first time that Offset has been caught leaving clubs with lady, and he has also c’heated on her in the past with many women via sll of their relationship. In December, Cardi stated that she was breaking up with him, but later months of debating, she planned to give her spouse another chance.

Last year, his ch’eating scandal with a New York stripper eas brought to the spotlight when Cardi at’tacked her for being her spouse’s mistress, an act which she is currently facing cr’iminal ac’cusations for. There was also an incident including a threesome with other female rapper, and the list goes on.

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