March 21, 2023

Ohio Police Continue Nalah Jackson Hunt After Kidnapping Of Infant Twins & Abandonment Of One At Airport

Police in Ohio are pleading with a lady named Nalah Jackson to return a mis’sing 5-month-old twin boy. The in’fant, who’s name is, Kason Thomass, has been mis’sing since Monday night. Police believe Kason is in danger. An AMBER alert is in place.

Columbus Po’lic’e Chief Elaine Bryant held a press conference on Tuesday afternoon mentioning the carja’cking and ki’dnap’ping, as well as the recovery of one of the twins who’s name is, Kyair Thomass. “First, I want to make a request.


Nalah Jackson, I plead to you please return Kason Thomass. We are grateful for returning Kyair. You have already shown us you can do the right stuff. You can return him to any safe location: fi’re department, hospital, shopping center. Any public place where someone will discover the baby.

We’re begging you to please return Kason. We can even pick him up, just call us and tell us where you are and where Kason is. No questions asked. Here’s the number 614-645-4701. Bringing him house safe is our number one priority.”

Po’lice believe the vi*tim stole a black, four-door 2010 Honda Accord from the parking lot of a pizza shop called Donatos. The establishment is located at East 1st Avenue and North High Street in Columbus, Ohio. Additional information about the vehicle: missing front bumper,


to’rn temporary Ohio registration tag on rear bumper and a white bumper sticker that says ‘Westside City Toys.’ Po’lice also believe the car was in a cr’ash and sust’ained damage, adding purple paint transferred to its left side, earlier to the carj’acking.

Their mom left the missing kid and his twin Kyair in the running car. At the time of the car’jack’ing and kid’nap’ping, the twins’ mom was working as a DoorDash delivery driver. Thus, she was at the restaurant fulfilling an order pickup.


Employees allegedly informed inve’stigators that Jackson was inside the restaurant when the mom walked in at approximately 9:45 p.m. on December 19. Jackson promptly eager the restaurant and proceeded to ste’al the car with the infants in the backseat.

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