November 29, 2022

Omarion Granted Custody Of Love & Hip Hop Apryl Jones Kids

We weren’t prepared for this development to occur. Apryl Jones has been expressing her love for her current lover, Lil Fizz, on Love & Hip Hop for the past few months. But it appears that she was neglecting her children in some way. And Omarion, her ex,

recently received custody of their children. It turns out that the situation with Apryl Jones, Lil Fizz, and Omarion can’t possibly become much more dramatic. Because their relationship has been quite poisonous for a while, and things have just taken a serious turn.

Omarion jumped at the chance to take her kids while Apryl was yelling about how much she loved Lil Fizz from the rooftops. Two children were born to Omarion and Apryl while they were dating. But after their relationship ended, she started dating Lil Fizz,

a bandmate and friend of his. And since the two were flaunting their love everywhere, that didn’t sit well with Omarion. His children were his top concern.

While the two had a custody arrangement, circumstances have changed. A video of Apryl boasting about granting Omarion custody circulated around a year ago. So that she may work. Since Apryl said the child support the court mandated was “too small” for her to be a stay-at-home mother and

she couldn’t afford to hire a nanny or a babysitter for her children with that money, according to MTO News. On Live, Apryl informed her fans that “Omarion” would take his children like he ought to. You’ll see him spending more time with his children, and you’ll see me working more,

he continued. It appears that the two resolved everything, even the visitation plan for the kids. I’ll see [my kids] occasionally, but [Omarion] needs to work full time, Apryl informed the crowd.

And after the release of the video, Omarion did appear to spend more time with their children. She has also begun her work on Love & Hip Hop. So, it appears like everything turned out okay in the end.

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