December 8, 2022

On the show, White portrays ‘Lucille,’ the strong-willed, dignified mother of Demetrius and Terry Flenory. In every episode, White delivers a strong and powerful performance as the matriarch of the Flenory family. Starz As the cast prepares for the release of season 2, White is beyond overjoyed with the public response to the show and how it helped humanize the Flenory family. “Incredibly excited. People love this show,” White told BLACK ENTERPRISE. “I personally love that it’s a story about family.” “YOU GET TO SEE THAT THESE BEAUTIFUL BOYS DID NOT COME FROM A BROKEN HOME. THEY CAME FROM A BROKEN NEIGHBORHOOD.” Season 2 continues the grit, heart, and humor that helps refine the choices the Flenory brothers made in their pursuit of the American Dream. The show is rooted in family, loyalty, and brotherhood, as the show explores the brothers’ complex relationships with their parents, Charles Flenory (played by Russell Hornsby) and White’s character Lucille, who seeks counsel from their spiritual advisor, Pastor Swift (Snoop Dogg). “As our incredible showrunner Randy Huggins said all season long, it’s to, “Elevate, elevate, elevate!” White said about the central theme of season 2. The new season will see every character fighting temptation all around them, with Meech and Terry being at odds. When it comes to Lucille, she’s finally practicing the importance of self-care. “I think they will see that Lucille has always done everything she could for those she loves but this season she learns the importance of honoring herself,” White said. With the American dream remaining at the forefront of the BMF series, White says it’s a story that many can relate to. “ACCESS TO THE AMERICAN DREAM WAS NOT AN OPTION IN THEIR COMMUNITY,” SHE SAID. “So, they found another way to prosper with the limited opportunities presented to them.”

Lenny Kravitz is bringing the future of the auto industry to life.

The rock star and style icon was invited to collaborate with General Motors’ (GM) Cadillac to design and launch the ultra-luxury and futuristic Celestiq EV flagship brand.

Early last week, a video on Cadillac’s Twitter showed the “Let Love Rule” singer arriving at GM’s Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, where each production-spec, all-electric, and zero tailpipe emission 2024 Cadillac Celestiq will be hand-built. The price tag starts at $300,000.

Available by request only, cars can be ordered as early as later this year, followed by extremely low production in December 2023, according to GM. Customers can work with designers and a Cadillac concierge for desired customizations on the interior trim, exterior color, and other elements.


Kravitz stepped in to share his personal story about Cadillacs.


“And he used to pile all of us in the back, like five or six kids, and he would take us out of Brooklyn. He wanted to expose the neighborhood kids to art, to the museums, to theater, to sports. So the Cadillac was his vehicle to put us all in, and take us to expose us to all of these wonderful things.”

As part of his collaboration, Kravitz will be sharing ideas for his own customized electric car. He is no stranger to creating residential designs out of his own conceptual creative studio, Kravitz Design Studio.

The designer wil work closely with Michael Simcoe, GM’s vice president of global design to implement his designs to the car’s interior.

“I definitely want it to have an edge that reflects me as well as having a timeless quality,” Kravitz said in the video teasing the car.


For 15 years, Kravitz has never had a car while living in Paris and has opted to get around on motorcycles. But that’s all going to change.

He wants his new car to be “sort of a nighttime vehicle going through the streets of Paris. I want it to just hover there at night. And I’m only going to go where you can park it right in front,”  Kravitz told Vanity Fair.

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