December 2, 2022

After suffering from PTSD, cancer and stroke, Tina Turner says final goodbye to her fans, we will never forget how you made us feel

Tina Turner is one of the best-selling recording artists with a career spanning over more than five decades.

She was raised by her grandmother after her parents’ divorced when she was a little child. She was born Anna Mae Bullock. Tina moved in with her mother at the age of 19, and it was then that her potential was recognized.

Before beginning a solo career, Tina first gained notoriety by performing with her then-husband Ike Turner.

She remained at the top for a long time thanks to her exuberant stage presence and strong vocals. The songs “Private Dancer,” “What’s Love Got To Do,” “Proud Mary,” and many others by Tina continue to be top hits and a part of the culture over many decades.

After having a st’roke, Tina had trouble using her right hand. She briefly lost her capacity to talk as well, but she recovered her strength. But just when she believed everything was going well, she had a renal failure and intestine c’ancer diagnosis. Few people were aware of the superstar’s difficulties until she wrote about them in her book Tina Turner: My Love Story, which was released two years ago.


“I began to think about dying. I could understand it if my kidneys failed and it was time for me to pass on. It went well. When the time comes, the time comes. Although I didn’t like the idea of passing away, I was worried about how I would go,” she said in her essay.

She underwent a kidney tra’nsplant following the successful operation in which a portion of her intestines was removed. Her spouse, Erwin Bach, served as her donor.

Turner remarked, “I know that my medical experience is far from done. “But I’m still here, and we’re closer than we could have ever imagined. Looking back, I can see why my karma was what it was. The terrible resulted in the good. Pain gave way to joy. And right now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”


Tina Turner documentary sees music icon grapple with her narrative, PTSD - ABC News

After she overcame a variety of health challenges, her followers wished her well and were curious to hear how she was doing. She answered them with a video and stated, “Yes, I made it, I look wonderful. I feel great. It’s like getting a second shot at life because I’ve faced and am conquering some extremely terrible ill’nesses.”

The singer reminisced about her past and discussed how she suffers from PTSD as a result of the violence she endured from her former husband Ike Turner in the recently released showcase documentary simply named “Tina.” Additionally, she stated that she wanted to begin the third and last chapter of her life away from the spotlight, which was seen as a farewell by admirers.


In the years to come, we wish Tina the best and really hope she won’t have any further health problems.

After suffering from PTSD, cancer and stroke, Tina Turner says final goodbye to her fans we will never forget how you made us feel

Tina Turner recently turned 81, and looking back at the old times, the good and the bad, they joy she brought to many people, we can’t help but appreciate her for everything and how she managed to stay strong through difficult times. She grew up with her parents, watched her son’s passing, and had difficult time with her health.
After years and years of being in the spotlight with “Simply The Best” among one of the hundred hits she sang, Tina says final farewell to her fans… She was born in NutBush on November 26, 1939, to father Floyd and mother Zelma Bullock. They were sharecroppers. Tina recalled an interview with the Rolling Stone, “We were well-to-do farmers – that’s as close as I can get to explaining it. To me, it seemed as if we lived well.”

“My sister and I had our own room. Each season we’d get new clothes, and I was always fresh and neat, especially compared to a lot of other people around me.

“We were never hungry. Of course, we knew the difference between our family and, say, the daughters of schoolteachers – those people were educated. My parents weren’t, per se, but they had a lot of common sense and spoke well. We weren’t low-class people. In fact, my parents were church people; my father was a deacon in the church.”

When she was only 10, her mother left them behind, and her father did the same 3 years later. They had a turbulent childhood, to say the least.

“My parents weren’t mine, and I wasn’t theirs, really, so when they left, it was as if they had always been gone as far as I was concerned,” she says. “If you ask my sister, Alline, you might get different answers because she might have been affected by it differently. Actually, I’ve never asked her what she thought about them leaving – isn’t that incredible?

The beginning of her career was in Missouri. She never imagined to be a professional singer with this magnitude of fame. All she knew was that she wanter to dance and sing when she was a child. Ike Turner saw something special in Tina, and turned her into a star. It’s been 6 decades since her humble beginnings, and she won many awards over the course of years, including a Grammy.

Her career was very successful, but her life was filled with ups and downs that took a heavy tool on her health. She suffered kidney failure, cancer, and stroke. She also had her colon removed after a cancer diagnosis.

“I know that my medical adventure is far from over,” Turner wrote. “But I’m still here — we’re still here, closer than we ever imagined. I can look back and understand why my karma was the way it was.

She continued: “Good came out of bad. Joy came out of pain. And I have never been so completely happy as I am today.” HBO released a new documentary about Tina and she is going to be using the film as a medium to say one last farewell.

We wish her all the best.

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