December 2, 2022

R. Kelly’s Ex-Girlfriend Sara Jeihooni Opens Up About Dating Him For 3 Years

Another one of R. Kelly’s alleged ex-girlfriends came out the woodwork.

Shahs of Sunset is one of the most popular reality shows on BravoTV and is full of the drama that everyone loves about reality TV. This season has started off with a bang and is only getting juicier as it goes on. On the latest episode, one of the cast members dropped a bombshell letting everyone know that she had a relationship with R. Kelly!

Sara Jeihooni is a new member of the cast but is quickly making a name for herself with viewers after revealing that she dated Kelly for about three years. During the episode, the 29-year-old told Reza Farahan, another cast member, that she had police agents come looking for her. She said that she was served a subpoena in regards to her ex-boyfriend, who turned out to be R. Kelly. The two met in 2013 and dated until 2016. She explained why she decided to get involved with him saying, “Robert was very charming, so kind [and] definitely not what I would have expected.”

Shahs of Sunset Star Sara Jeihooni Reveals She Dated R Kelly for 3 Years

Reza asked her if she saw any characteristics or actions from him like the things that he was described doing in the documentary, Surviving R Kelly. She told him, “No, we had an adult relationship. I didn’t see him with an underage person, it was never even a thing…”

She also gave details on why they eventually parted ways telling Reza, “One day I’m in Chicago with him and he tells me, ‘I’m having a party at my studio tonight, but if you can’t be cool, don’t come…”

She said it was like a full club going on in the studio and that there were a lot of other girls who made her realize that he was having sexual relationships with other people. She ended the relationship and said that she no longer has any communication with him. “I don’t speak to him anymore…and I’ve watched the documentary and I’m like, the person I loved is a monster, but I don’t know that guy.”

After that, she got emotional, and the conversation ended with Reza promising not to tell people about what was discussed.

Rumors about R. Kelly’s controversial personal life have been swirling since the early ’90s. Allegations of him dating and marrying Aaliyah while she was underaged have also been common knowledge. Kelly also stood trial in the mid-2000s after a videotape surfaced appearing to show him raping an underage girl. He is currently in jail at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. He faces nearly two dozen federal criminal charges involving abuse of 11 young girls and women over the last 25 years.

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