February 4, 2023

R. Kelly’s New Album ‘I Admit It’ Reached Number 2 On iTunes R&B Music Charts, Before Being Taken Down

Kelly’s fan base may still be rather strong. The accused singer-songwriter is currently doing time in pri’son for offences commi’t’t’ed over a three-decade period. Since so many people still love his music,

many people were interested in seeing how his fans would rea’ct to his most recent album, “I Admit It.” Although Sony Music later referred to the project as a “boot’le’g” and had it removed from streaming services, it had been doing rather well on the charts prior to that.

Without any comment from R. Kelly, his team, or his label, “I Admit It” was released. The album contained his 2018 single “I Admit It,” which was published. I Did It” was a compilation of a number of other de’mos that had already been available online for many years.

As soon as the news reached the fans, they started cr’itic’izing the new body of work. Lil Boosie announced R. Kelly’s return on social media, and his followers immediately started running up his streams in ju’bilation. The sole problem?

The project was not given Robert and his team’s approval. Since he is currently seeking a retrial in his ca’se, R. Kelly immediately issued a statement from behind b’ar’s claiming that he believed the project was the result of someone at’tempting to s’abo’tage him.

Kelly is currently awaiting senten’cing for his case in Chicago, Illinois while already serving 30 years for his c*imes in New York. He claims that several wit’nesses made false statements, and he believes that this initiative was an effort to ha*m his reputation.

The label removed the song right after confirming that they had not released it, labelling it a “boo’tle’g” and an unla’wf’ul upload. Robert “confesses” in the song that he cannot read or write, that he has signed dubious contracts, and that he has had intimate relationships with female followers.

The musician also talked about his childhood experiences of being ab*se’d by a family member. He does not, however, admit to ever having a relationship with a mi’nor or to ever ab*si’ng a vi*tim,

as he has been ac*use’d of. According to R. Kelly, hundreds of his songs vanished in February of this year. He said that “a bunch of roadies” had taken his master tapes to Los Angeles and demanded $160,000 from his team in order to get them back.

On Twitter, a movement to free R. Kelly has been ongoing, with supporters frequently contributing to his comm’is’sary and holding pr*tests outside of courthouses. By streaming the il’leg’al initiative, they were able to dem’ons’t’rate their unwavering support.

Before it was taken down, Kelly’s “I Admit It” peaked at #2 on the R&B Soul charts thanks to the mas’sive amount of strea’ms it received. The caption on his girlfriend Joycelyn Savage’s post said, “The KING OF RNB is Back.” SZA’s “SOS” det’hroned R. Kelly’s project from the top spot.

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