February 4, 2023

Rapper GloRilla Claims She Only Wears Black Panties To Cover Up Her Skid Marks: Stains Always Popping..

Rapper GloRilla is one of the not expected triumphs of 2022. Coming out of nowhere with a summer h’i’t followed by a biggest Cardi B cosign, her internet-driven success is enhanced by many vi’ral moments that have kept people entertained.

Here are some of GloRilla’s con’t*over’si’al reporta from the year that have ch’armed fans. The young rapper took to Twitter back in November to revealed about her confusion surrounding dinner meats. In a since-deleted Tweet, Glo addressed that she was never know that ham was a form of p*rk.


“I know you all gone laugh at me & call me slow,” she told. “I haven’t eaten any pork for almost 5 months now; tell me why I just discovered out ham is p*rk!”

she opened. She stated that this ruined her Thanksgiving plans, as she was plotting on a side of ham with her food without knowing. One fan wrote, “Some of these rappers smart… sum not so much.” Another wrote, “who’s gorilla!?”

GloRilla constantly the food-based confession on an episode of Lip Service. While there, she stated some of her wi*dest moments in the bedroom and disclosed about a particular kink that she assumed the other lady were not known with. “I do some


[stuff] that you all never heard of. It’s gon’ sound weird.” GloRilla told that she liked to used her man’s ‘fl*ids’ as a topping for her food. “Put few on my fr’ies real su*den; I’m a eat it,” she said the womens. “She could have kept that to herself,” opened one person. Others called her “disgusting.”

She shared to Twitter immediately after to tell people she was just playing, but people in the comments believed she was telling the truth about “dressing” her food. It has not all been joke or food based. The rapper got fl’ack for offering an ab*smal wage to anyone aspiring to be her assistant.

Later a brief list of requirements that added “scheduling and maintaining a non-work related calendar” and “running all her errands,” they detailed all applicants that they would be getting paid $550 a week. Numerous called it low pay,

with some comparing it to minimum wage. “its the 550 a week for me, I’m wondering to drop my life for u at least give me life-changing money, not minimum wage.” Glo reacted to the backlash saying, “People would rather work long 10-12 hr shifts at a billion dollar company

working 10x harder on your feet all day paying the exact amount as me maybe 1or2 or 100 dollars more? We gots to do better.” While some permitted, another person called her out, saying, “Would you all rather get e*ploi’ted by a white company or a black one?”

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