March 21, 2023

R&B Singer Brian McKnight Under Fire Buys Non-Black Stepdaughter BMW While Biological Kids ’Struggle’!

Getting married again and having another family is always difficult. Especially when you don’t live with your biological children. Because there are always going to be more things you celebrate with the other kids.

Brian McKnight Family

And that ends up being difficult for everyone.

Now R&B singer Brian McKnight found himself in this predicament because of his stepdaughter. Brian married his new wife Leilani Maria Mendoza in 2018 and has been stepfather to his bride’s two children. For his stepdaughter’s birthday, her famous stepdad decided to go all and do a big gesture.

So, he bought her a car.

McKnight took to social media to pose with his non-black stepdaughter and reveal he treated her to a BMW 4 Series. The car had a big bow on its hood and the two happily posed for the picture. The set of pictures also includes a short video of his stepdaughter behind the wheel.

He wrote in the caption, “Today we celebrate you Jules on your birthday your mom and I couldn’t be prouder of you and I couldn’t ask for a better daughter than you!!! Happy birthday to the best daughter ever! Love u a zillion.”

Brian’s post about the new BMW was shared on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page after he allegedly blocked a fan in the comments for telling him to fix his family.


In a since-deleted comment, the individual wrote, “Man you know d–n well this ain’t your daughter! ‘Estranger’ or not Brianna is your daughter! Make it right with your biological kids before its too late!”

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