January 29, 2023

R&B Singer Keyshia Cole Mourns Her Third Loss Of 2021 After Losing Her ‘Baby Girl’ Dog Lola Mae Cole

The year 2021 was difficult for Keyshia Cole. The singer has had a number of losses, and in each case, she shared her sorrows with her devoted followers on social media. Frankie Lons, her birth mother, who passed away in late July, came first.

Frankie gained notoriety for participating in a number of reality television programmes, including as Keyshia Cole’s popular BET series “The Way It Is” and her own spin-off, “Frankie & Neffe,” which starred Neffeteria Pugh as her daughter.

The singer of “Love” opened up about her grief process in great detail on social media, telling followers that her mother’s last wish was to see her children reunite for one more time. But when Keyshia Cole’s adopted father, Leon Cole, passed away in November,

it wasn’t until a few months later that she would have to deal with yet another loss. The artist thanked her father for giving her his last name and raising her on social media by posting a picture of herself and him laughing and dancing.

Currently, Keyshia Cole is lamenting the passing of Lola Mae Cole, the puppy she also referred to as her “baby daughter.” Keyshia Cole requested support from her followers on social media in order to honour the life of her dog Lola,

who just passed away at the age of 14. The singer published a slideshow of her lovely dog’s memories.
The terrier has been In photos of Keyshia Cole’s maternity s’hoot, on the red carpet with her mother Frankie, at an event, and even donning some stylish sunglasses.

The pictures below show Lola posing with Keyshia’s son Daniel Gibson Jr., riding in Daniel’s toy car with Keyshia and Daniel, and cuddling with Keyshia in various settings. Keyshia Cole reflects on how much Lola meant to her and how the two of them grew close in the caption.

Keyshia described Lola as “a friend fit for a queen” and recalled how the dog spent hours lying in bed with her as Keyshia was grieving over a breakup. One of the more vivid recollections she shared was the time Lola gave birth to pups just.

before the singer was scheduled to perform one of her biggest gigs ever at Madison Square Garden. Fans who had to wait for her that evening received her apology. With a message of encouragement, Keyshia told her followers that nothing is “for a lifetime” and that she is “constantly progressing.”

Following all the tragedy they have had this year, she shared more images of Lola in her tale along with a video of her kid saying her, “we need a break, we need a vacation.”

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