November 29, 2022

R&B Star Summer Walker Has Nervous Breakdown – Goes Outside In Panties Mumbling!

Summer Walker has been a lot in the news lately. The media has not been kind on her, and neither have the fans. So now it looks like the social pressure has gotten to her, and she just seems to have had a breakdown. And she just stepped outside now without wearing any pants!

2019 has been a big year for Summer Walker’s career. She is considered #1 breakout artist of 2019, but this has also put a lot of pressure on her. And she has been into quite a lot of controversies this year, despite her newfound fame.

And Summer doesn’t look like she’s handling it very well.

At first, her fans claimed there was something wrong wrong with her hygiene. And then she added a post on Instagram where she claimed she hates showers. And while she explained that she now prefers more expensive baths, like jacuzzis, people still judged her pretty bad about it.

As a rule, Summer does not touch her fans and has received heavy criticism from her fans for it. According to her, she doesn’t touch people because, “I’m an empath, and that transference of energy from that many people each day would literally KILL me.”

And it all became a bit too much, so she cancelled upcoming shows. Now her behavior is becoming even more bizarre. A fan spotted Summer driving her car outside with no pants on. Summer was rambling about something, and claimed she was bottomless because, “It’s hot.”A After the video surfaced, fans and critics alike reacted to it believing that she had suffered from some sort of a nervous breakdown.

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