March 21, 2023

Romeo Miller Claims He & His Siblings Have Been Living Month To Month, Broke & Can’t Even Afford….

Romeo Miller has been in the news the last few days later he called out his dad for his tribute to tWitch. The whole ordeal has people looking over Romeo’s finances and thinking if he’s got enough of his own income to go toe-to-toe with his hip-hop mogul dad.

In spite of a career as a rapper, actor, and tv personality, some think Romeo does not have it the way he wants us to believe. He not so far let us in on their family fortune and why him and his siblings are broke.
Romeo and his dad’s shared struggle.

trying to support his sister Tytyana get off d’rugs was well documented on Growing Up Hip-Hop. When she lost her battle prior this year, it understandable hurt Romeo, who has been m’ourning since, sharing dedications and poetry about his pain.

His father planned to mobilize and partner with The National Alliance on Mental Illness and do a campaign for awareness in Tyty’s memory. Somehow, Romeo says that behind the scenes, his dad did not do enough and called him out for doing a tribute post to tWitch when he did not do anything to support Tyty.

While some applauded Romeo for holding his dad accountable, others called him dishonorable for doing it online and ungrateful due to the career his father has built for him. At the height of his mainstream success, Master P began to pour into Lil Romeo’s career,

making him a fixture on 106 and Park as a rapper and then a successful Nickelodeon star with his own show. Romeo had a #1 R&B/Hip-Hop single (“My Baby”) in 2001, and his series ran for 3 seasons. He also starred in Honey opposite Jessica Alba and many other projects.Master P painted the image of generational wealth well, asserting to have put many of his children via college and set them up with successful careers and investments, but Romeo claims that is not true. Following a response from his father on internet,

Romeo doubled down on his father, detailing fans that he’s actually been living month-to-month since he was 18. Romeo reveals that his dad has carefully constructed a public personality that is not accurate.

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