February 5, 2023

Romeo Millers Vows To Take Lie Detector Test & Prove He’s Been Taking Care Of His Father Master P

Master P and Lil Romeo are one of the most well-known father-son teams. In 2001, the CEO of No Limit launched his son into the spotlight, and the two have been inseparable ever since. They have worked together on music, TV projects, reality shows,

and business endeavours. Romeo recently revealed that his father might have been using him as a prop and didn’t have his best interests or those of his siblings in mind the entire time. Let’s examine all Romeo has recently disclosed regarding his father.

Growing Up Hip-Hop on WETV was the last project Romeo and Master P worked on together. The father-son power team discussed their journey and methods for navigating the spotlight on the show. They also discussed Tytyana Miller’s battle with

d*ug ad*iction during the course of the series. Tyty is P’s child with his ex-wife Sonia Miller, who bat’tled a*diction as well. The Miller family became splintered after Tyty lost her bat’tle earlier this year. Romeo shows that while P publicly stated his wish to memorialize

Tyty by collaborating with drug prevention organisations, this was not the real scenario going on behind the scenes. Master P released a video of DJ tWitch dancing with his business partner Snoop Dogg during an episode of Ellen after learning of the

DJ’s loss and offered his sympathies. Romeo Miller called him out right after, saying it didn’t seem appropriate for him to be honouring a celebrity while remaining silent about the passing of his daughter. Romeo further disclosed that Tyty had little

assistance from Master P while she was still alive. Romeo revealed to followers that his family’s wealth was related to his father’s “lifestyle” and that he had been living month to month since he was 18 when they teased him about losing out on the family

fortune because of his outbu*st. Romeo revealed to his admirers in a series of surprising revelations that his father never sent him a single check from his earnings as Lil Romeo and that, in fact, he used the entire sum to pay off his tax burden. In between videos of him promoting his cereal line,

Master P has argued that his son is spoiled and uninformed, and he has refuted his son’s al’legations. Romeo, however, asserts that Master P only cares about social media and has repeatedly ignored him when he has tried to talk to them directly about their problems.

Romeo insists on stating the truth and even offers to submit to a lie detector test to back up his claims. Using social media, the former rapper declared, “I want everyone to support my dad and his interviews, and then I’ll follow up and go down with the same

folks for a lie detector test.” Romeo claims he has never required his father to assist him pay any of his “adult bills,” and the two are still at odds.

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