December 2, 2022

Shawn And Marlon Wayans Had To Fight To Have John Witherspoon Cast As Pops In ‘The Wayans Bros.’

When comedian John Witherspoon passed away in 2019, celebrities poured out their good time about working with the legendary star, adding Shawn Wayans. Wayans and his brother Marlon well known co-starred with Witherspoon in The Wayans Bros.,

but their on-screen connection almost never took place. As per Hip Hop DX, Wayans told during Witherspoon’s funeral how he and Marlon fought for Witherspoon to be added in the show. As Wayans told during his speech, NBC didn’t deaired Witherspoon hired to perform the character of Pops.

“We didn’t care; we was just, ‘That’s our pops. That’s it. Take it or leave it,’” he told. “So…the show didn’t get picked up on NBC. But they dangled that carrot in front of everybody.” Wayans included that NBC wanted them to hire Danny Glover for the dad’s role. “But we couldn’t see him on there telling me and Marlon, ‘get in here;

I’m just too old for this mess,” he told. It can be wondered that the “getting too older” line was a callback to Glover’s character in Lethal Weapon. The Wayans Bros. Finally went to Warner Bros., where it became a huge success for The WB network, now familiar as the CW.

Between The Wayans Bros. and Friday, Witherspoon influenced a new generation of fans in the ’90s and prior ’00s. In fact, Ice Cube not so far put New Line Cinema on blast for not approving the Last Friday script before Witherspoon’s demise so followers could see the cast together over once more.

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