January 31, 2023

Should Women Dress A Certain Way After 40!

What is too good looking? And is there were a time when one can no as far as to feel it or dress it? Ladies are often said how they should dressed up themselves in the world, specifically in a social media world.

For ladies in pop industry, the force is even bad. Those who are growing older are frequoently forced to tone it down. Janet Jackson,

Madonna, Beyonce, and nu’merous get concern for ‘feeling themselves’ in spite of being elder. R&B singer Avant not so long assert in on this, questioning this very question on his insta story.

Avant posted an picture of a gorgeous and full-figured lady in a form-tight dress with a pose in his post. “Should ladies remain dress s’exy after 40?” he questioned his fans.

People suddenly started making fun of him in the comments and telling him for trying to police ladies bodies.

“so what’s an opinion over men shaveing their hairs of face after 40? Unfortunately, us women’s look the way we seem dressed hot or not. So how about them beards when they went? ” told one fan.

Another told, “Why does men think so much about ladies & what we do & how we do it & for how far it’s being going to be happen.”

Others were baffle by the image he used. The picture he uploaded on his Instagram account the lady was non of other but Lira Mercer a 28 year old social media model, and Pierre “Pee” Thomas baby mom. A fan defend her and said she’s not 40 year old. Avant was sudden to defend himself, saying, “To be clear, I honestly think ladies in their 40’s should dress s’exy! Superb womens #InboxMe”

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