January 29, 2023

Social Media Slams Mom For Relaxing Her 3 yr Old’s Hair, “this is child abuse” – Grandmother Responds

A mother on TikTok is being threatened with CPS because she posted a video of her daughter getting her hair relaxed.

Most of us remember our first perms, some at a very young age …..and honestly, at that time, it was considered completely normal.

When the natural hair movement started in the early 2000’s we started to notice a shift in mentality.

Women who had relaxers for years started to learn not only about caring for their natural hair but did the mental work that came with appreciating what their hair looked like in its rawest form

With that said relaxers have never completely gone away, women and children still get them religiously.

This is the video, mom shared on TikTok:


People chastised her for using a relaxer on her daughter at such a young age, some claiming that the video was triggering.

 This is so triggering like i can honestly smell the relaxer and feel the burn  super sad !

now I will believe her when she say my hair won’t grow because my mama put a perm in it when I was young I will believe this one

It’s nice but u could have achieved the same style without the relaxer. Braid them naps right on up like I do my daughters.

SMH I was always taught to only relax hair after the first menstrul.. it interferes with the natural growth and transition of hair

Mom need her ass whooped her hair stay done but she couldn’t do anything but relax her daughter hair

This shy be child abuse

This is beyond sad and high/key dumb asf. Not for that hairstyle??? She’s 2…I’m even more mad at the stylist for doing it

Not everyone was negative though, some said, relaxers ‘are safe’ when done right, and others simply making the point that…. she can do what she wants with her daughter.

It’s y’all in the comments talking about fibroids and other factors! I’ve had a relaxer until I was 27. Never had them and always had healthy hair.

As long as the person knows what they’re doing relaxers are fine for a child. In my case natural or not hair still long asf

my mom did this to me and my hair was long and healthy. It’s all about how you take care of it

Honestly, my hair grew long with perm. I just grew up and my priorities are now health related

Baby girl’s grandmother responded to the backlash, giving some insight into how they ended up at the salon in the first place.



Mom responded as well:


We should mention that more studies have been shared about the dangers of relaxers, some linking frequent use to uterine and breast cancer.

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