December 2, 2022

Steve Harvey Buys Daughter Lori New Ferrari As ‘Thanks’ For Dumping Diddy! (Pics & Details)

Some relationships aren’t good for you. And sometimes, when you breakup with the wrong person, people will be happy. And this is Steve Harvey‘s case. Because Lori Harvey seemingly broke up with Diddy, and now Steve is so happy that he bought Lori a very, very expensive gift. Spoiler, it’s a Ferrari.

P. Diddy and Lori Harvey have reportedly been dating for a few months. At first they tried to stay away from the camera, but in the end, they didn’t seem to care much. But after all, the relationship didn’t last, and they broke it off a few days ago. And while there was no confirmation of their relationship, some sources talked about it and shared some insights.

And one of the reasons why Lori apparently broke up with him was his age. And the fact that he was too controlling.

But she’s moving on now. And her closed ones couldn’t be happier. So while neither Diddy and Lori got hurt from this relationship, all is well. And her father, Steve Harvey, bought Lori a brand new Ferrari 488 convertible. And apparently it’s worth an estimated $350,000.

Some sources told MTO News that the sports car was a “thank you” gift, for Lori dumping her 49 year old boyfriend – Sean “Diddy” Combs.

While they were dating, Steve didn’t look too upset. Publicly. I mean, Lori even invited him over to Italy on their family vacation, and things were civil. But Steve must have been concerned for Lori, so now he can be at peace. An insider shared with MTO News: “Steve wants Lori to live her life, and doesn’t want to tell her what to do. But he let her know that he thought Diddy wasn’t right for her.”

The insider explained, “The Ferrari was a thank you from Steve.”

And Lori seems to love the gift. She posted pictures on her Instagram. And Steve must value quality. Because he gave Marjorie the same Ferrari last Christmas. So he gives his family only the best. And I think that’s quite a thank you for breaking up a relationship.

What do you think of Steve’s grand gesture?

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