November 29, 2022

Steve Harvey Finally Reacted To Will Smith’s Slap – Says “YOU SHOULD’VE…”

Steve Harvey is the latest celebrity to weigh in on Will Smith’s altercations in the middle of the Smith’s official apology to Chris Rock, the Academy and fellow actors. A comment made at the expense of Jada Pinkett Smith has become one of the most-controversial moments.

at the Academy Awards all, this year. While giving the Best Documentary award, Chris Rock make a joke over Jada’s buzz cut hairstyle, who suffers from the medical issues named, alopecia. The comment wasn’t well-accepted by Will Smith.

who walked up to the stage and slapped Rock, leaving the public at the Dolby Theatre stunned. Presenter and an actor Steve Harvey is the most latest star to react to the altercations. Numerous people have shared their opinions over to what happened at the 2022 Oscars,

adding fellow actors, presenters, musicians and viewers at house. Steve Harvey told that the Oscar-winning actor could have maintained the situation in a different path which would have head to a more different results.

“I can get the defending the honour of your wife, I am that dude,” the comedian told during an episode on Steve Harvey Morning Show. “That joke was not worthy of the outcome. If he was going to have a reaction, I wonder Will should have done the man stuff and step ahead him afterwards in the press room.”

Steve constantly: “The Oscars is all Hollywood is about. It’s their huge moment and for you to do that in the huge moment […] Denzel said, him right, ‘In your biggest moment, it’s when the devil comes for you’. You [Will Smith] should have managed that whole different man. He owed Chris an sorry.”

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