December 8, 2022

Steve Harvey’s Daughter Lori Is Pregnant! (Diddy Rubbing Baby Bump Pics)

We all thought the connection between Lori Harvey and P. Diddy was over. Their summer romance looked like a bit too much for Lori, as per some. But currently it seem like they’re still going strong. So strong that the regarding new couple has been hit now with expecting rumors.

Rumors about Diddy and Lori’s connection started prior this summer. And while the duo were quote camera shy at the starting, gradually they began going out in public together. Finally, stuffs went so great that Lori brought him to a family dinner in Italy.

Although, it now looked like that, later the breakup, they still goes on a vacation together. And currently social media has gone crazy with a false news that the model is now expecting. Because in few of the images paparazzi took of them,

Diddy looked like to be rubbing her belly. And as they enjoyed themselves in Mexico, Lori and Diddy look like to be very close. Also, a few days ago, social media goes crazy with the thought that Lori got breast implants. As they studied the images from prior this year, she looks bigger in that area.

And obviously, now it makes them stuff she’s pregnant, because that’s one of the expecting symptoms.
But given the factors that Diddy already has daughters who are already grown, it looks less likely that he’ll have a new kid now with Lori.

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