January 29, 2023

Steve Harvey’s Ex Wife Mary Harvey is Suing Him for $60 Million for Kil’ling her Soul

We always heard about random celebrity divorce on social media Or in our real life as well, but celebrity separation is quite common, but when the couple began b’laming each other then stuffs gets definitely apart from good stuffs to bad. Then the situation turned into worst.

Steve Harvey one of the celebrity who’s the best of all time comedian and actor. Eventually he gets trapped into worst divorce. Not for once but two times in his life he experienced divorce. Have a look on his former wives.

He’s a great comedian of till date, he has a successful career in acting and stand up comedy, but things quite not similar in everything. Sometimes people could struggle to earn something. Like that Steve is not luck to find a love of his life. Every time whenever he choose his life partner they all broked his heart Unconvently.

But reports came out that he divorced after 14 years of marriage after he caught cheating to his wife. And he left his wife with two kids and expecting the third one. His wife name was Marcia, she was not known by her name not quite famous.

She is an author and she also wrote many books and also published them all. Her books named as, Marcia, thoughts from my mind and Marcia. Etc. Harvey second wife is Mary Lee Harvey, when she met with Steve Harvey she was an makeup artist and not known Personality.

Its al’legedly reported that she was the women behind his first divorce with Marcia. They met in Texas 1989, they both had a child together and they split after 9 years of married life.

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