January 29, 2023

Sweetie Pies Ms. Robbie Breaks Her Silence For First Time Since Son, Tim Norman’s Guility Verdict Wishes….

Tim Norman, the star of Welcome to Sweetie Pies, was found g’uilty of c’rimes against his nephew three months ago. His mother, Ms. Robbie, hasn’t said anything since then despite announcing her unwavering support for her son.

She just broke her social media seclusion to wish everyone a Merry Christmas after previously focusing on the closure of one of her sites. Robbie Montgomery has endured some difficult years. She lost her grandchild Andre Montgomery in a senseless act of v’iolence back in 2016.

After his father passed away, the young man had moved in with her to try to live a better life. But later, out of jealousy for her son Tim, Andre was tr’agically i’njured in a scheme to steal insurance money. After spending years in jail while awaiting trial,

Norman was ultimately found gu’ilty on all charges in September. He is considering a life sentence. Ms. Robbie held her kid in a circle of love as she awaited a verdict, pleading with the public to hold off on passing judgement until an official sentence had been handed down.

She made references to mistakes being made by people and appeared to genuinely want to think for herself that Tim did not do what he was a’ccused of. She went radio silent when the verdict was announced and announced the closure of her Sweetie Pies Upper Crust restaurant online.

Many adoring admirers thanked her for her efforts to the community in her comments. The fact that she would be getting a Presidential Lifetime achievement award in January was revealed by her earlier this month. She posted some images from Christmas over the weekend.

The first featured her posing in a fur coat and boots in front of a tree and gifts. Merry Christmas, she wrote as the caption. She expressed her “Happy Holidays” wishes in a subsequent post and included a photo album of her and her family wearing identical Charlie Brown Christmas jumpers.

Merry Christmas wishes and inquiries about the family’s upcoming return to television were all left in the comments section for her. If Ms. Robbie ever makes a comeback to television, it’s uncertain when. She’ll undoubtedly need to talk about her son’s sentencing because she hasn’t yet addressed it in front of the media.

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