March 21, 2023

TakeOff’s Father’s children Says His Grandmother, Mom & TakeOff Should be Ashamed Of Themselves…

The turmoil has not ended even though rapper TakeOff has been laid to rest and some justice has been served by his passing. His mother, father, and cousin Quavo are all being c’riticized for how poorly they have handled discussions to divide the money.

he earned throughout his lifetime in the present heated di’spute over his estate that his family is engaged in. TakeOff was raised by his mother and is alienated from his father, according to sources close to the family. His father has been fi’ghting for a share of the money his son left behind,

but many believe that since he is no longer alive, he is not entitled to it. Nevertheless, his side of the family is portraying a different picture and asserting that TakeOff’s mother is a “bitter baby mama” who kept TakeOff from his father when he was a youngster.

TakeOff’s father’s side siblings who attended his f’uneral commented on social media about the event and their final memories of their brother, noting how unhappy they were with his mother’s family. The grieving brother expressed his co’ndolences to TakeOff.

on Instagram and mentioned that they hadn’t seen each other in a long time prior to the fu’neral. “Today, rather than merely on a screen, I got to see him in person. I never in a million years imagined that our meeting would go this way or be for such a significant reason.

He continued by saying he hoped his sibling was proud of him from above and that he looked “wonderful. “He started complaining about TakeOff’s mother and her family in a subsequent tale about how terribly they had handled estate negotiations.He said on his story, “Yo mom and grandma and Quavo should be humiliated; I pray for you family and hope ya’ll learn the road of righteousness. They continued by referring to TakeOff’s mother as bitter and ac’cusing her of keeping her son away from the family because TakeOff’s father no longer desired her company.

His father’s side of the family has received complaints from a number of relatives who feel unheard and untreated. Some fans criticized the brother and questioned why he believed that making this information public is even relevant.because they thought the back and forth was petty and in poor taste. He claims that his mother never posted any of TakeOff’s tracks and that their family supported him before he was a pop sensation. Others defended the family, claiming they were entitled to their feelings.

The brother concurred, claiming they had kept quiet for ten years. Despite the lack of a will, TakeOff spoke extensively about his mother and how she raised him by herself. When he died, he was 29 years old.

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