February 5, 2023

Tamar Braxton Calls Out a ‘Peach’ and Her Husband for Allegedly Threatening Her: ‘They Don’t Want Y’all to Know How F*cked Up They Are’

Tamar Braxton took to Instagram to call out a certain ‘peach’ and her husband.

With Tamar’s choice to use a peach emoji, we can only infer she’s talking about one of the ladies from ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

While Tamar doesn’t get into specifics, she does mention that she has ‘real beef’ with the ‘peach’ and her husband after they allegedly threatened her.

Peep her series of IG Stories below:




Now, it’s unclear who she’s talking about — but she did mention ‘city officials.’ The only husband and wife couple we can think of that consists of a (former) ‘peach’ as well as a city official would be Eva Marcille and Mike Sterling.

Any other guesses? What’s tea, Tamar?

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