January 29, 2023

Tammy & Waka’s Daughter, 17 Has Mental Breakdown, Wants Everyone To Disappear: ‘I Don’t Belong Here’

Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka Flame’s break up is still playing out on tv. While their series Waka & Tammy focuses on how the 2 of them are living their lives now that they are single, another cast member going via it is their daughter Charlie.

The teen not so far went on TikTok live to vent about having a hard time losing friends and feeling sad and alone, worrying some of her followers. Charlie Rivera is the biological daughter of Tammy Rivera and Brian Williams.

Tammy and Brian break up early on in Charlie’s life, and when Waka Flocka Flame came into the image, he adopted the then 4-year-old and starts raising her as his own. Their connection inspired numerous, and we got to see Waka be a model dad via his years on and off reality tv.

This includes a touching episode when the 15-year-old mentioned wanting to bring a girl to a dance and worrying about what Waka would say once he discover out she identified as queer. While Waka Flocka has made some co’ntroversial statements in the past,

the rapper was all in support of his stepdaughter and took her coming out beautifully, supporting and uplifting her via the period of self-found. Charlie has constantly to evolve in front of our eyes and has used internet to give people a closer look at her and her life outside the lens of her famous parents.

She often posts on TikTok and IG showing off her outfits, make-up, and various business ventures, adding her “spiritual business,” a crystal and jewelry line called Spiritual Charli. In September, she opened that she got questioned to homecoming and told yes while holding up the sign and flowers.Two days ago she shared a post saying, “Life update. Where have I been? Am I ok?” She captioned it, “check out my new clip !! Merry Christmas eve links in the bio.” The next day, she shared an official Christmas post showing off an all-white winter outfit with the caption, “its time.”

Somehow, everything is not great for young Charlie, and the answer to “am I ok?” is no. She tearfully showed herself on a TikTok live where she proclaimed that she had no friends and felt alone. “I don’t have people to talk to. I be up all night, till 7 in the morning wondering.”

She questioned that everyone disappear from her life and said, “I’m having a mental breakdown.”
Charlie told she wished she could lock herself in a room or snap her fingers and everyone be gone. People in her comments tried to support her,

with one saying, “this is anxiety; just breathe.” Charlie believes nobody around her wants to see her glad, which is not fair because she would do anything for anybody. “I don’t belong on this little planet called earth.”

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