February 1, 2023

ThrowBack Picture Of Birdman’s Brother ‘Gangsta Williams In chair With Man On His Lap Goes Viral…

Birdman, aka Baby, is a powerful fixture in hip-hop. The rapper turned record executive supported establish some of the most prominent artists in music, from Lil Wayne to Juvenile, finally leading to the likes of Nicki Minaj and Drake. Birdman has an extended family full of siblings,

with one of his most known ones not so far getting out of jail. He’s been on a promotional tour since his release opening up about his family and time locked away. Recent images has surfaced of him that has left people with questions.

Terrance ‘Gangsta’ Williams is related to Birdman, original name Bryan Christopher Williams, on their dad’s side. Birdman lost his mom at 5 years old, so the future Cash Money CEO moved to Canada for a while to live with an uncle before being placed in foster care back in New Orleans.

From there, their dad came and got him and his other siblings and integrated them into his family. Terrance’s first memory of Birdman was around the time he was in elementary school. He remembers wondering, “what’s going on? Who is this?”

and feeling territorial about his new brother coming in and taking up space. “Where he gone sleep at?” he quipped. In total, their dad had 25 kids from different ladies. Terrance and Birdman did not always stay in the same household since Terrance was always in and out of jail.

Birdman would finally get closer to another sibling, Eldrick Wise, and the 2 starts hustling together and getting in problem. Terrance opened he was glad about this, “I wanted that. As a youngster, you see your siblings getting money, dressing fly. I want that.I wanna get a part of this action,” he told Vlad. Terrance says he was only 9 years old when he first got arrested and went to juvenile. When he was 11, he began selling i’llegal substances while sleeping in cars. Birdman and Eldrick would also get arrested and serve three years for their crimes too. Eldrick finally lost his life in 1991.

Terrance would finally serve 24 years behind bars, eventually getting out earlier this year. He and his friends were considered the original “Hot Boys”, a name Birdman finally branded for his record label. Upon his release,Terrance announced plans to do a media campaign and address all questions and rumors surrounding his life. This added his brother Birdman not embracing him upon his release and how he got his sentence reduced Terrance is now a free man with a new microscope on his life thanks to his media run.

People have circulated a image of him posing with few friends from New Orleans when he was younger. He is seated on a chair with another young man sitting on his lap. Many questioned why the men were seated so close. Many speculate that Terrance perhaps gay, a rumor that has followed his brother for years as well.

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