December 2, 2022

Tia Mowry Focused On Her Bag & Children, Drops Last Name & Secure New Brand Partnership

Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Cory Hardrict, a recently divorced couple, must continue working now that they will be splitting off into two separate residences while the world is still trying to make sense of their split. Many of the couple’s followers on social media and in reality television,

who fell in love with their Hollywood romance, were startled by the split. Tia is persevering, putting her children and business first. While Cory enjoys the completion of the most recent season of his CW show, the actress recently signed a new brand agreement.


Fans were startled when Tia Mowry revealed last week that she and Cory were divorcing. They divorced the same week and day as Tom Brady and Gisele, as well as Miguel and Nazanin. Online followers have taken it hard, launching accusations of cheating or Tia being

“too much” for her husband into comment sections. Older interviews were searched for evidence, which they used to blame both him and Tia of being toxic and unhappy. Whatever transpired, the pair does not appear to be slowing down as they start to analyze what life is

like without one another. Cory must concentrate on the upcoming All American: Homecoming season. Cory’s series, a spin-off of Taye Digg’s All American, centres on a group of athletes at a historically black college who are attempting to balance their athletic careers

with their academic studies. Similar to Cory, the character is characterized as “rough and blunt,” a criticism frequently levelled at the actor when he appeared irritated or bored in social media interactions with his ex-wife. As of October 4th, Tia, on the other hand,

has entered a new brand alliance with Pinterest. In association with Marriott, Chase, and Pinterest, she is assisting fans in obtaining their Ideal getaway by urging them to make their “boundless bucketlist” on the collage app in order to be entered to win “the trip of a lifetime,

valued at up to $50,000 per.” Tia discusses how important travel is to her in an interview announcing the partnership, as well as how she explored the world while studying abroad in college. By November 7, 2022, winners of the competition will be contacted.

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