January 29, 2023

TLC’s ‘Chilli’ Finally In Love After Years Of Never Giving Up, Now Dating Boy Meets World Actor, Matthew Lawrence

Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas has been one of pop music’s most eligible bachelorettes for a far time. She’s on and off the market often, and when she is a single lady, fans are always trying to ship her with whatever hot guy is available and look like he might be a good fit for her.

Throughout her time in the spotlight she’s been with some huge stars, but it seem she is back on her own and looking for love. Chilli was romantically linked to producer Dallas Austin for many years early on in her career. They share one kid together. Later 9 years, they split.


She was after linked to Usher, with their connection being heavily referenced in the visuals for his singles off album 8701. It was after believed that she was the muse for his 2004 project Confessions as well. Connection with Tyrese, Marlon Wayans, Hill Harper,

and Floyd Mayweather followed. Back in 2010, Chilli starred in a dating show called What Chilli Wants. The series followed her journey via dating and unpacking her standards for men. The official show synopsis reads, “Chilli’s high class for her dates have led to romantic roadblocks,

so she hires connection expert Tionna Smalls, whose goal is to support Chilli get beyond the criteria and the emotions behind them that have kept her from discovering the long-term love she wants.” It ran for 2 seasons but did not conclude in her discovering love, unfortunately.


During her dating journey, she has shared some sound advice with fans. Chilli is famous for her “checklist,” which in addition everything from her man being a non-smoker/non-drinker to him having a four-pack and nomore than 2 baby mamas. Although, one requirement

she is open to these days is race, latet years of just dating men of color. “I desired for women, especially lady of color, to not be so closed-minded when it comes to love,” she told in the 2018 interview. “God made all of us and you perhaps not discover your spouse because you are trying to stick to one group.

You’ve got to be open. You deaired the person who’s the best person for you, no matter what color he is.” Chilli is taking her own advice and has not so long been spotted with a man outside of her race. In a match-up straight out of a ’90s tv special,

Chilli has been spotted out and about with Boy Meets World star Matthew Lawrence. Lawrence is also known for his work in Mrs. Doubtfire and with his brothers Joey Lawrence and Andrew Lawrence on their series Brotherly Love. Lawrence and

Chilli were not so long spotted in Hawaii together, enjoying their time in the sun and on the beach. While some sources report that the duo are not romantic, they clearly had strong chemistry.

Lawrence is estranged from his wife, Dancing With the Stars dancer Cheryl Burke. She not so long filed for separation in February.

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