January 31, 2023

Tory Lanez Handcuffed & Taken Into Cust’ody After Being Guilty On All Counts, Rapper Will Be..

Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion’s tr’ial has come to an end. It has been a strange few days fil’led with statements of all sorts that have people not sure who to really believe at this point. The only constant has been that Megan was indeed in*ured that evening.

So what else have we learned over the course of them facing off in co’urt? Let’s take a look at all the emerging information. The trial kic’ked off eight days ago.


When it starts, everyone was looking for Kelsey Harris to be the star pr*secutor and open up about what she saw that evening. Instead, Kelsey walked in with a attorney and immediately questioned for immunity before giving a heavily edited version of her previous statements.

She refused to name Lanez as the person responsible and claimed to have been too d*unk to remember what took place that evening. Although, she was adamant about letting the court familiar that Megan Thee Stallion was lying about the night and got

them kicked out of the party for being too into*ica’ted. Tory’s camp helped give the public some new revelations as well. Including to confirming a romantic connection between Megan and Tory, they also told that Megan was too d*unk that evening and

got kicked out of the party after displaying je*lousy over Tory and Kylie Jenner getting too intimate in the pool. Lanez’s team at’tempt to place the blame on Kelsey, stating that she and Megan had an incident later realizing they both had been getting int’imate with Lanez,

and Kelsey also had g*n po*der on her hands. Other, key witness that could have swapped the tide of the case was bodyguard Justin Edison. Somehow, Edison goes missing prior to the day he was scheduled to te’stify. and is still unaccounted for.

His disappearance had people believing that witness intimidation could have played a part following Kelsey swapping her te’stimony and a juror having to be dismissed after being caught in an elevator with Tory Lanez. LAPD Finally discover Megan Thee Stallion’s bodyguard,

Justin Edison, but it’s too late to call him in as a key observer, because the trial is wrapping up with closing statements. One observer who did not get sc*red off was Sean Kelly. He lived in the area of the at*ac’k and confessed to seeing people jum’ping

Megan and dra*ging her to the car when officers arrived. He also told he saw many flashing lights but was unsure if it was a we*pon. Kelly told he saw the flashes coming from one of the lady and the “shorter man” which people believed to be Tory Lanez.

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