November 29, 2022

TV Personality Bevy Smith Calls Out Kim Kardashian For Her Comments About Women Not Wanting To Work

Bevy Smith, a TV personality, was one of many who entered the discussion to denounce Kim Kardashian’s remarks regarding working women’s work ethics. Another reality series featuring Kim and her famous family will follow the opulent,

affluent lives that she and her sisters lead on a daily basis. The Kardashian sisters and their mother Kris Jenner sat down for a cover photo and chat with Variety to promote The Kardashians’ arrival on Hulu. Kim K.

continued to appear to criticize women and their work ethic despite being aware that the interview would be released one day after International Women’s Day and during Women’s History Month. While Kim may have been attempting to portray herself as a supporter of the “female boss” movement,

her jarring remark made her a trending topic for all the wrong reasons. Among the detractors was TV personality Bevy Smith, who on Thursday used Twitter to scathingly discredit Kim with some cold, hard facts.

Smith’s response to a question about the Kardashians’ exact job description was, “They sell a 1% lifestyle to the masses.” She continued by giving those who come from humble beginnings credit, and Kim was rightfully offended by her attitude given her background of privilege.

It saddens me to see so many folks who likely come from modest backgrounds and may have had family members who worked hard to provide, Smith wrote. At age 16, she purchased a Mercedes Benz, but her father insisted she pump gas in it,

which she interpreted as hard work. Smith decided to bring up the Royal Family and draw attention to their white privilege while she was on a roll. And while we’re talking about wealth inequality, Smith tweeted, Can people, especially Black & Brown people, quit idolizing royals.

They are colonists who became wealthy by pillaging and robbing what they perceived to be barbaric nations; enough with false idolatry.

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