February 5, 2023

Usher Declares himself As the King of R&B After Diddy Said R&B is Muthaf Kin Dead

Usher has announced himself as the King of R&B. The eight-time Grammy Award winner couldn’t help but brag about himself when he made an appearance on Bevelations on SiriusXM and Radio Andy.

Whatever you want to call it, King, Usher said to host Bevy Smith.

Yes, I’ve worked hard to the point where I can say that I deserve and own that. And I’m not going to ask for it any longer, he continued. You will give it.

As I did put in some effort. Later in the discussion, Usher challenged Diddy’s prior assertions that R&B was a genre in decline.

When I hear individuals, including Puff, say, You know R&B is dead, Usher said, I think he sounds crazy. It sounds absurd on all counts.

Knowing that he was a pioneer in recognizing it and benefited from it is very important. You know, the vital force that infused hip-hop came from the source

that is R&B. It wouldn’t, he continued. It is obscene to hear me say, to hear anyone say anything, especially hip-hop cats, to say anything about R&B because there would be no hip-hop if there was no R&B. R&B

is currently dead, according to Diddy, who stated this during an Instagram Live last week with Timbaland. R&B is what it is. R&B never gets old. It won’t go away, Usher continued.

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