January 31, 2023

”We Didn’t see Him In A Casket”: Power Actress Mary J.Blige Believes Ghost Will Return As Monet’s Brother

Mary J Blige is on the promo trail for Power. The R&B vocalist-turned-actress joined the Power universe as Monet and has been getting rave reviews from fans. She not so far caught up with Michael Rainey on his podcast to discuss her thoughts.

on the upcoming seasons and the overall direction of the storyline. Mary included some fuel to speculations that Ghost is still alive during the plan as well. Mary has been venturing more into acting in not so far years, and it has been paying off.

She scored major award show buzz for her role in Mudbound, a movie that most people did not even notice she was in due to how stripped down the role was. She told Michael, “When we went to the premiere for it, people didn’t even familiar I was in the movie because I transformed fully,

just transformed.” This transformation meant Mary was unrecognizable. “My hair was like in an afro, and we couldn’t wear no makeup, we couldn’t wear nails, we couldn’t wear lashes, and we had to have these like old-timey dresses.”

The risk paid off as Mary scored an Oscar nomination for Best Song and Best Supporting Actress. While, Mary was still handling the fallout from her divorce and asserts this gave her motivation to really get lost in the role. “At that point in my life,

I didn’t even care because I had lost all of this inside that ho’rrible situation I was in; I didn’t even know if I was pretty,” she recalled. “I didn’t care because nothing mattered to me, nothing, so I just vanished; I was truly gone like I was in real life gone.”The transformation was so jarring that Mary remember crying when she saw herself in the film. When they shifted to her work on Power, actor Gianni Paolo opened that the network had them movie many characters s**oting Ghost to combat any leaks from the set.

For Michael, shooting his on-screen dad was hard. “It was crazy, that was a tough scene, bro; it was hard for me because, like, one, you’re saying goodbye to like someone like that I’ve learned a lot from,” he told about Omari Hardwick. “Just being on set with him like saying goodbye to him,

saying goodbye to the character, the character that we all love.” Mary says she does not believe Ghost character is gone. When questioned who she would bring back from the Power universe, she proclaims Ghost suddenly, saying, “I did not see him in a casket!”Mary believes Ghost will “pop up somewhere” and feels he’s still around. “He might be on his way back. He might be Monet’s brother or something.” Gianni says that many fan sites constantly to pour into conspiracies that Ghost is alive, even breaking down proof from the series.

Courtney A. Kemp spoke on Ghost’s character in which she said, he had to die. ‘There was no other option.” prior this year, A Starz executive shut down all ru’mors relating to G’host returning and authenticate he is definitely dead. Although, fans constantly to hold on to hope.

Mary J. Blige as well. Mary says she was sad when Omari’s character was k’illed off, “you can’t ki’ll G’host!” Mary says that people understand now why Michael’s character had to do it, but it was still difficult to process.

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