January 31, 2023

Wealthy businessman proudly stands next to the two baby elephants he murdered for photos

Trigger warning: This article contains descriptions and images that may be upsetting to some readers.

He may be a wealthy businessman, but he is most known for standing brutally next to the lifeless bodies of two newborn elephants after killing them. Mike Jines, an American businessman, received a lot of attention on social media after he and his hunting buddy, Max “Buzz” Delezenne, stood tall over a dead elephant with weapons in hand.

Facebook/Animal Liberation Worldwide

Jines and his pal murdered two baby elephants in Zimbabwe, according to reports. The heartbreaking images show the elephants’ bodies after they were shot to the ground, as Delezenne stood with a large smile on his face and Jines had an obvious expression of pride on his face.

There was no official declaration on whether the elephants were truly youngsters, and once the photographs went viral, Jines began receiving threats. The wealthy billionaire is a partner in a firm named TopGen Energy, and the social media campaign pushed consumers to quit utilizing the company’s services.

Jines later stated that his account of the events differed from the information that was being spread after witnessing how his photos were being hammered.

Facebook/Animal Liberation Worldwide

Jines posted on a forum that the hunt started with a bang, literally. Less than thirty minutes into the first morning of the first day they experienced a double elephant cow charge. This was obviously a first for him but it turns out it was a first for Buzz as well. They saw a group of cows from the road and decided to follow them to see if a tuskless was in the group.

They soon apprehended them and recognized a tuskless. They positioned themselves to have a good look at the tuskless and decided to pass because it was just Day 1. She charged in full force an instant later. Buzz and Jines each fired two rounds at her, and she fell. Then from behind them a huge one-tusked cow charged at max throttle.

He proceeded to say that they each discharged a single shot and she collided with the ground with her rear legs out behind her, showing the speed and assurance of her charge. The two cows were under forty feet separated with Buzz and Jines in the center. Luckily they had situated themselves in some open ground so they had great perceivability when the charges came. Unquestionably somewhat more energy than they had anticipated on Day 1.”

Jines said that the two elephants were shot in an approved safari region in Zimbabwe and that the hunt followed both American and Zimbabwean rules and procedures. He explained that the two elephants depicted in the images were shot in self-defense, in an unprovoked charge, and both elephants were fully grown cows, not kids.

He further added that he understands that hunting may be contentious and that opinions on hunting can vary significantly. He is sure one will understand what it is like to cope with the hostility, especially when the underlying facts in this case are wrong.

Notwithstanding, individuals actually kept up with the assessment that no creature ought to be pursued for a prize kill.

Sharon Walters, a social media user, pointed out that he “didn’t have to pose” with the animals.

“Seeing these photographs has torn my heart and made my body ill,” a social media user named Molly Brown remarked, while another said, “That’s one of the saddest shots I’ve ever seen.”

“Get rid of Mike Jines.” Elephants have close familial bonds. He kidnapped a family’s children… Trying to be a guy by going for baby animals with a powerful gun? What a gentleman!” Didgy Sencer penned.

“He was apprehended and is now attempting to rescue himself… Jines, good luck with that. “Remember, God despises cowards,” stated a petition urging people to contact Jines’ firm.

According to reports, Jines was a frenzied hunter who was “extensively” hunted in portions of Africa. With the exception of the rhino, he was also believed to have shot a number of animals from the continent’s Big Seven (Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Black Rhino, Buffalo, Wild Dog, and Cheetah, according to Shadows of Africa). The worst of Jines’ hunting mania, however, is saved for elephants.

Weakening his argument against social media reaction, Mike Jines was reported to have remarked after US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) authorities barred importation of killed elephants: “Without a big display of protest by hunters, the USFWS would just be encouraged to continue down the path.”

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