January 29, 2023

Wendy Williams’ Ex Cries Broke Now That The Alimony Checks Have Stopped

Nearly 3 years later their divorce, Wendy Williams’ former, Kevin Hunter, is allegedly broke and facing home foreclosure later the talk show host stopped paying alimony.

As per The Root, which has continued to report on Wendy Williams’ ongoing health worries and financial strains, the star stopped making alimony checks to her former- spouse, Kevin Hunter, in February 2022. But currently that he’s been cut off, Hunter is crying broke.


He also asserts he can’t pay his bills and is facing foreclosure on his house and requesting the court to intervene. Williams was launched from a wellness facility in October. And now, as per a report from The U.S Sun, Hunter is looking to force her guardian to make payments,

so he doesn’t lose his house. “I have fallen at the back of on most of my bills. Now I live in a community that requires payments to the homeowners association, and I’m behind on that bill. If the homeowners association fees are not given, foreclosure will soon follow.”


He constantly: “My vehicle insurance hasn’t been paid as a outcome of not receiving monthly severance payments. I’m behind on credit card payments because I have no money since the severance payments were suspended.

My life has been greatly affected since the plaintiff stopped making payments under our settlement agreement.” Unfortunately, you forgot, Williams and Hunter ended their 20+-year marriage in January 2020 after Hunter impregnated a lady with whom he had an relationship.


He now shares the home he’s asserting to be “facing foreclosure” with his mistress, Sharina Hudson, and their love kid. Williams’ lawyer responded in a court filing by saying she’s not been paid from The Wendy Williams Show since October of 2021

and does not have any other gig lined up. “On October 15, of 2021 plaintiff was detailed by Talk WW that her contract was being suspended and that no compensation shall accrue or be payable to plaintiff for the duration of plaintiff’s disability and incapacity,”


Wendy’s lawyer described. In addition, the lawyer pointed out that the former-pair’s divorce settlement agreement calls for remissions to be adjusted or declined in the event that Ms. Williams wasn’t working. If, for any reason,


[Plaintiffs] deal with Talk WW is not renewed and/or is otherwise suspended, canceled, or terminated and [Plaintiff] does not have any other tv show being surfaced and paying her an equivalent salary, [Defendant] understands and permits that all Severance Payment shall be subject to either termination or modification.”

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