January 29, 2023

‘Why Would You Do This To Me?’ Master P Questions Why Romeo Is Exposing Him: After All I’ve Done For..

Romeo Miller’s financial situation has recently garnered a lot of media attention. Romeo has been cri*icis’ing his father for not preparing him for success the way he claims to have done in public while his father, Master P, is busy celebrating his cereal victories with Snoop Dogg.

Romeo has admitted that he lives paycheck to paycheck, but it appears that the public debate has assisted him in finding some money he had been owed for nearly 15 years from one of his father’s investments.

In the beginning, Romeo Miller collaborated with James Lindsay’s Rap Snacks to create his Bar-B-Quin’ With My Honey version of their chips. Rap Snacks are now a successful company with collaborations with artists from all over the hip-hop landscape,

including Fetty Wap, Cardi B, and The Migos. The collaboration was a success. Romeo was only mentioned as a “limited partner” on the Rap Snacks website, but according to Complex, he actually bought the snack food company in 2007 for an undisclosed sum.

Romeo claims his father made the transactions, and Romeo never requested to examine the documents because he simply trusted his father. Romeo claimed he was more concerned over his father’s lack of support for his sister Tyty while she was still alive when he cr’itic’ized

Master P earlier this week for a post regarding tWitch. He began criticising his father for his e*travagant spending and high-class way of life, claiming that he was not who he appeared to be on the outside. Master P took some time out of his busy

schedule to e*press his disappointment in his son for making a private situation public when it was truly just about money as they were marketing their break fast cereal with Snoop Dogg. The topic of this social media outbu*st was never my daughter. It has to do with some money.

You cannot take any of your possessions with you after you pass away, including houses, automobiles, and jewels. According to Master P, his son is merely being spoilt and entitled. Life is too brief. When people are not where they want to be in life,

they need to quit being ungrateful and blaming others. Romeo Miller assigns his father a lot of the bla’me, but Master P maintains that Romeo is not correct and does not agree. Soon, Christmas will be here. Why would you ha*m me in this way? After everything I’ve done.

If I had passed away in a project or entered a pr’is’on. When comparing his relationship with his father, Master P said, “Even if my dad and I didn’t agree on everything, he’d always win because he brought me into the world and without him, I wouldn’t be here.

Master P highlighted his brother Corey Miller, who is presently incarcerated, after talking about Romeo Miller. Master P claims that he is being held accountable for his brother’s incarceration.

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