January 29, 2023

Woman Leaves Quietly From The Restaurant When In-Laws Asked Her To Pay.

In our world, money is the root of all evil. Or the basis for any other objective morality concept. Having a large inheritance is both a benefit and a curse. Read the story to know why a conflict took place between the couple and do you think the wife acted appropriately.


I f32 recently inherited a good amount of money from my mom. I keep the money in a seperate account as I still haven’t decided what to do with it and I didn’t want it to go to waste.

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I noticed my husband constantly bringing up the inheritance money and making countless suggestions as to how I should spend it. Another thing is that he expects me to pay for nearly everything the past couple of weeks.

For NYE, My husband and I met up with his family at a restaurant to celebrate. It was going fine until I found out that I was expected to pay for everyone at the table. My husband’s mom joked about paying for dinner out of my ” inheritance pocket” which made me livid but I showed no reaction. Just silently paid for my own food/drinks. Then I got up and made my way out of the restaurant. They were shouting after me like a crowd and my husband tried to get me to come back but I drove home.

He got back at 3 a.m yelling at me saying I was pathetic to get up and walk out on him and his family after they relied on me to pay for their food and thought I was gracious enough to do it BUT they were wrong. He said I humiliated him and family and that what I did was an attempt to get back at them for not being able to help mom when she was sick. Not true is all I’m gonna say.

He is mad and is saying that I caused a huge rift between his family and me when it wouldn’t have hurt me to pay for the celebratory dinner. Am I A Jerk ? What should I do ?

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