November 29, 2022

You’ve Lost Your Mind”: La La Anthony Shares Son’s 16th Birthday Request

La La Anthony showcased how her life became full circle on Feb. 15, later posting a video of her son Kiyan Anthony questioning for a special request for his 16th birthday next year. In the Instagram video, Kiyan questiomed La La,

who doesn’t make a physical appearance in the clip, if he could get a tattoo. Kiyan told, “Do you all wonder I should be able to get a tattoo for my 16th birthday?” The model suddenly jumped in by informing her son that he had yet to turn 15.

Kiyan turns 15 year old on March 7. She told as he attempt to make his request, “You haven’t even turned 15 yet.” When Kiyan questioned for fans’ opinions on the issues by suggesting they leave a “comment down,” La La immediately questioned her son to name one 16-year-old with a tattoo.

The Inala CEO told, “Now, you’ve lost your senses. What 16-year-old has a damn tattoo? Name one?” When Kiyan reacted that his basketball teammate had one, La La quipped, “No. Not at 16, that’s insane.” She mentioned as her son kept attempting to persuade her, “No, you’re not. No, you’re not. Tattoo when you turn 21. Honestly; perhaps 18. Perhaps 18.”

Toward the last of the clip, Kiyan reiterated his earlier remarks to his mom’s followers for their opinion on if he should be permitted to get a tattoo. La La wrapped it up by telling, “You lost it.”

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